Friday, January 18, 2019

Here's some quick notes on VDP.

Vmware Backup 5.1
Called  vSphere Data Protection (VDP)


Like other backup software products, VMware and Avamar were already integrated at the API level, allowing users to purchase Avamar software and manage it through VMware's vStorage API.

VDP is suited for backing up a maximum of 100 VMs and can protect a storage pool of up to 2TB of deduplicated data

Supports change block tracking - backup only the blocks that have changed
Same for recovery, restore only data that has changed since last backup

available as .0.5TB, 1TB or 2TB OVAs


VMware vSphere Data Protection 5.1 Advisory Update
Please be advised VSphere Data Protection 5.1 (“VDP 5.1”) has an integrated email notification system which, once configured, may send server error and status messages to a server that is accessible to EMC, the parent company of VMware and collaborator on VDP 5.1. Some customers may consider this information to be sensitive. As such a script has been created to fully disable this integrated email notification system.
Note: All messages received have been disposed of. Future messages received from this notification system will be immediately deleted.
All customers utilizing VMware vSphere Data Protection 5.1 are requested to immediately run the following script to disable this email notification system:

    Transfer the script to the VDP system using SFTP.
    SSH into the VDP Linux Console.
    Confirm the MD5 checksum on the downloaded script:

    MD5 sum: E64BC92431914982328AF2E4E9305BE8

    Place the script in /tmp
    Make the script executable using the command: chmod +x
    Run the script: /tmp/
    Once the script has run, a Complete message will be presented confirming that the script has completed and that the email home functionality has been disabled.

A revised version of VMware vSphere Data Protection 5.1 will be posted on the download site as soon as it's available, which will disable this email notification system by default.