Friday, January 18, 2019

Apple computers are fantastic, but generally out of the price range for many people due to the exceptional high build quality and perfection in design.

A great way to get into the Apple world without hurting your pocket is to build a Hackintosh Computer, this is essentially a PC with components that the Apple Operating System loves (due to the fact that Apple now uses Intel architecture in it's product range).

It does require little hacking around, but its worth the effort when you see the Welcome to Apple loading screen. What a buzz.

Great URL's for building your own Apple Hackintosh (Great community, if you get stuck post it in this forum)

Remember, it is better to go in reverse, i.e. check the websites for components that are guaranteed tried and tested by the community to work, otherwise you've wasted money for a normal PC.

The other thing to be aware of is Apple Updates, these generally break the Hackintosh, so unless your prepared to invest in time learning procedures on backuing up Kexts and running commands in terminal, this may not be for you.

--- Amended

I found a great way to get Lion installed very easily via USB, its called Unibeast,

It takes the Lion DMG, and patches the required files and adds a bootloader, making it a fantastic recovery or new installation medium.